Cat Tail Wagging : Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail?

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Sir Walter Scott

“Cats are a mysterious kind of folk. There is more passing in their minds than we are aware of.”


A cat is a kind of mysterious animal. The mysterious can be observed in their behavior that a little bit understood. If you intend to more understand about the habits and the nature of the cat, you are going to find more unpredictable things from a cat.

Of course, cat lovers are willing to be a detective to go over their cat behavior. Cat has different habits, likes/dislike, and tolerance. Generally, a cat has similarity in feelings that can be interpreted through their physically or personality. Some people can determine how their cat feeling. Moreover, the people’ suppose is quite important to learn interpreting more deeply about cat’s personality. They can learn what the cat feel, likes/dislikes and desire.

When you see the cat move their tail, this is a sign that the cats transmit a signal about something. Try in watching a cat’s tail and look closely how its tail moving. It is becoming an excellent way to assign what they are feeling. In fact, a cat has great body language that determines trough their tail. It is a very expressive tail which the position and the movement can explain amount things.


The Cat’s Tail Wagging

Not only the tail that expresses their feeling but other physical signs also tell everything from the gesture and a facial expression such as the ears and the mouth. The expressions can explain about the state of cat’s mind. There is some tail movement that explains the meaning and cat’s feeling.


Vertical Tail

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail
Credits: the happycat site

Cats that are in the region of their power by standing up the tail, it indicates that the cat is feeling happy, satisfied, happy and confident. The cat is greeting friendly to the owners with a vertical tail which expresses his/her excitement to meet with the owner.


Flick Tail

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail
Credits: felineforever

If you see the cats with flick tail, you have to give them something funny to return their mood. A flicking cat tail means that they are not happy to see you and ready to attack you at any time. In that situation, the cat is feeling bad, frustrated and forcefully when there is something or someone little bit annoying. You have to watch out if you are finding the cat with flick tail and little bit accompanied by a growl. The cat means that they start trashing you. On the other hand, some Persian cat with flick tail does not mean feeling bad but sometimes normally. It is better for you to hold and pet your cat and eject the signs to get a cat better feeling.

Arched Tail

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail
Credits: flickr

If the cat is confronted by animals and anything, of course, the cat will be a danger. The cat is an expressive animal that often use their body gesture to explain their feeling. When a cat’s tail is arched, probably they are feeling so afraid. Moreover, the cat with an arched tail is ready to react in defensive or offensive. Normally, the cat will be back to reach the interruption the other animals.


The Wrapped Tail

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail

Sometimes, you are looking the cat wrapping around his body, it has a few meaning.  Usually, it indicates the aggression, afraid and worry over something and want everything to stay away from him. Furthermore, it means the satisfaction even if followed by snore and a half of closed eyes. He feels so comfortable and it is better that you have not to disturb him.


The Question Mark  Tail

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail
Credits: Deviant Art

The twitching sign forms a question mark.  You have to break from your routine activities when you notice your cat with a curve in a tail. The tail signals that the cat wants to playful and enjoy with you. It is a good mood time to share some fun with your cat. At that time, throw him a toy or some nice ornament and teach him to catch the toys appropriately.


Tucked Away Tail

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail
Credits: tobersadventures

The tail in that position indicates the submission and scare. When your cat tucked away his tail, it means that something makes him nervous and jumpy.


The Twitching  Tail

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail
Credits: the happycat site

It is different from the flicking tail, the swishing tail normally signals that your cat is ready to pounce on toys, foods or your hand too. In addition, the cat with this tail shows that he is focused on something or objects.


Wrapping Tail Around Another Cat

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail
Credits: petsfriendsalbania

The cat that wraps the tail around the another cat, it is so sweet moment. The position is like when you are putting your hand around another person. Of course, it presents the friendship or love. In cat world, there’s also trust and solidarity.

Everyone has freely image to indicate what the cat tail shape. With your love and gentleness, you can establish a trust with your cat. If you pet the cat, it’s very important to give them a comfortable life and understand deeply their feeling.