Why Do Cats Like Milk? | The Reason, The Danger And The Tips

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We all know that the cats really enjoy the milk. They will show the funny and happy face when you give them some milk. The milk contains the high nutrients and rich protein. Drinking milk is needed to get a great energy.  For kittens, milk is a vital food, especially from their mother. In contrast, feeding the milk much can cause bad things happen to your cats.


The Reason Why Cats like Milk

why do cats like milk
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In fact, that every cat especially kitten loves the milk much. The reason is because they are mammals. Certainly, all mammals really love drinking milk. They are going to drink milk from their mother When they are kittens same as the babies, dogs, goat, etc. Furthermore, the cat likes a good and sweet taste. As well as for the others animal foods, dog – bone, panda – bamboo and cat – milk. It normally happens in the animal world.  Those are the reason” why do the cats like milk?”


The Danger in Feeding Milk Too Much


why do cats like milk
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Need to know that cow’s milk is not too good for your cat. The milk causes diarrhea and indigestion because it contains the lactose that must be decomposed by lactase enzyme.  Most cats like milk very much. And we as the cat’s owner do not think to give cat milk without regard to the type and brand. But do you now? Not all milk is good for cats, especially for the kitten.

Milk commonly contain lactose or sugar, which is one of the typical components in it together triglycerides (fats) and casein (protein). To digest lactose, lactase enzyme digestion should use. Cats can not produce lactase that does not break down lactose into. The lactose granules will be left in the face of the small intestine.  It absorbs a lot of water from the surroundings that cause diarrhea.  Any bacteria easily invade the intestine and cause fermentation in large numbers to form a gas. As a result, the cat will felt a tremendous pain in his stomach. The effect, a cat can suffer from diarrhea. Moreover, diarrhea can lead to dehydration in cats even the death.


The Tips in Choosing Good Milk

why do cats like milk
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Good milk for a cat is milk containing KMR (Kitten Milk Replace) and non-lactose milk. Many are providing in-store or pet shop. Examples baby cat milk from Top Growth (Kitten Replace Milk), Royal Canin Vet care nutrition, Whiskas cat milk and so on. If you can not get suitable milk, you can also replace it with non-lactose milk for babies such as Nutrilon Soya, Bebelac FL, and Similac. Although it is a kind of baby milk containing the lactose, but it is so safe for your cat, of course with the provision of the appropriate dose.

For newborn kittens from 0 to 1.5 months, try to get milk directly from its mother. Because it contains the colostrum to increase body endurance. If there is no, please give KMR milk or non-lactose milk. Meanwhile, for an adult cat, it does not really require the intake of milk because both of wet food and dry food generally already meets nutritional standards required. Stop giving milk if it’s visible signs of diarrhea.