For those who have cats in their house, it is such a regular routine to see cats scratching carpet, trees, and wooden post. Scratching carpet is actually one way to maintain their claws. For some people, this action is kinda cute cat’s habit. But for the other, scratching carpet is annoying, especially if they see their carpet is damaged. There are some ways on how to stop cats from scratching carpet and any surfaces in your house. By knowing these ways, cat owners could prevent their belongings from scratching marks. Let’s take a look.   How to Stop Cats from

How to keep cats away from furniture? This question lingers in the minds of some people who have cats. There are various reasons why people wish to keep their cats away from particular furniture. They may not want the cats to ‘ruin’ the place around the furniture. They may not want the fur of cats to get stuck in furniture like a couch. They may don’t want cats to destroy furniture by scratching them. Now, the latter is the more common reason. For cats, scratching is a natural thing but for their humans, scratching in unexpected places is a huge