The Importance And Purposes To Use Standing Wraps For Horses

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Standing wraps for horses are very important and should be owned by those who have horses. The equine athletes, for example, their horses are the parts of their lives and thus they need to properly take care of them. Taking care of horses means paying attention to their horses’ conditions. Are they healthy? Do they eat well? Do they get enough exercises and enough rest? More things need to be properly kept in check. One of the important things is to keep the legs healthy and the standing wraps or also known as polo wraps will be very useful.

The Purposes of Using Standing Wraps for Horses


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Some people may be wondering about the purpose of using these polo wraps. Are they really helpful? The answer is yes. These wraps may seem to have no purpose whatsoever but they do have purposes. The followings are the reasons why standing wraps used for horses.

  • Support

    The polo wraps will support the tendons and the ligaments of the lower legs of horses. When the wraps are used properly, they will hold the tendons and ligaments in place and in the proper alignment. This is very useful to prevent injuries during workouts or while horses are building strength in the training sessions. Horses’ tendons will also be protected from overstretching that is very likely to happen during a session of activities requiring horses to make sudden shifts or sudden turns.

  • Protection

    The standing wraps can protect the bruised, injured or sore lower legs of horses when being used over other bandages. These wraps will also provide protection against injury during schooling or turnout by protecting the lower legs from debris, gravel and sand those got kicked while the horses run in the riding ring. The polo wraps will also protect the horses’ legs from bruises that may happen when horses jump and rub a rail of the jumping fences.

  • Training

    During a training session, the polo wraps are very useful for the reasons those have been mentioned earlier. Aside from those benefits, riders will also receive benefits, particularly when training in the indoor arenas. Mirrors can be found in many indoor arenas. Riders can easily check their positions. When the horses wear standing wraps in a color contrasting their colors, it makes it easier to see the horses’ legs positions during schooling.

  • Appearance

    With the standing wraps on all legs, horses’ movements will look more balanced and symmetrical. It’s not about being pretty, though. Some horse owners use bright colored polo wraps to protect their horses from hunting accidents. This is especially useful for the dun-colored horses those often mistaken as deer by hunters.


Where to Get Them?


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Considering all of the benefits, it’s obvious that these wraps should be used regularly. There are various shops providing the standing wraps for horses in various colors. They can be ordered online or even purchased directly. Don’t be lazy in learning how to use these wraps properly. For those who cherish their horses, it goes without saying how they need standing wraps for horses.