Revolution Cat Medicine: The Why And How

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Revolution Cat Medicine? What is it?

Revolution Cat Medicine is one of the medications that needs toe fleas, ear mites as well as heartworms. Not only that, it can also protect them from roundworms and hookworms that are around them. This medicine is to be taken with cats in at least 8 weeks of age of all weights. However, before you run this medication, you might want to inspect as to why you need to take out more money for your beloved kitty!


Why Should I Give It to My Kitty?

Revolution Cat Medicine
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Revolution cat medicine might not be as cheap as it sounds, but it brings many benefits for your cats, as follows:

–     Keep away roundworms and hookworms in cats

–     Protects them from heartworms and fleas

–     Prevent the ear mites from infecting your kitty

–     Many veterinarians use this method to cure kittens

–     You can find it everywhere at the pet stores

–     Safe and easy to use; even for the beginner for pet owners

–     Considerably pretty cheap, since it needs to be done only once a month, and it can be used for several pets at the same time

How to Do It:

You can inject it by entering your kitty’s bloodstream through penetration. Some ingredients such as selamectin and others can keep your kitty healthy from heartworm disease. This is possible since selamectin kills adult fleas and ear mites. Not only that, it can also prevent flea eggs from hatching. The ingredient of anthelmintic in it also can fight against parasitic worms, because they tend to feed on your kitty’s blood. The highlight of this medicine is because it is so pet-friendly, even for your pregnant kitties.

How Is Safe the Medicine Kit?

You might think twice related to this because you might think that getting an injection might be pretty dangerous for your kitty. But do not worry! The medicine has fulfilled the safety requirements, in which it has the high-quality equipment, including the sterile syringe and tubes. It usually comes in a form of kits, where the tubes are to be applied to the skin, just in between the shoulder blades. This kit will save lots of money since it is one of the cheapest treatment you might want to take your kitten’s flea control. You only need to pay around $15 per dose at the vet or pet store, whilst your pets are getting the same medications they can get to ensure their health and protection.

This method has been proved effective by many vets and breeders. The kit will come in two factory-sealed tubes for flea treatment, which comes in 120mg per tube. It is wrapped up in a medical grade Glass Vial with a rubber lined cap, so the liquid will not evaporate or leak when it is stored. Not only that, the syringe enables you to give out the exact dose for your kittens, so they will not have overdosed. Interesting, isn’t it? Grab the revolution cat medicine for your kitty fast!