Things To Be Considered Before Buying Petsmart Scratching Post

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Things to Be Considered before Buying Petsmart Scratching Post

Petsmart scratching post will simply be needed by the people who choose to have cats as pets. A scratching post is necessary to be had in order to prevent cats from scratching furniture or walls at home. Scratching is a natural thing for cats. It’s their type of exercise as well as a way to clean their claws. When there is no scratching post, cats will scratch on furniture or anywhere suitable for their little exercise. In order to prevent them from destroying furniture, a scratching board is definitely needed. But before rushing to the pet shop, try to consider several things first.


Observe the Cat’s Behavior When Scratching

Petsmart scratching post
Credit: Maine coon cat nation

This is an important first step. Cats have their own preferences as they do have different personalities. One cat may prefer to scratch vertically while another cat prefers to scratch horizontally. This means that the initial form of the scratching post is already different. It’s best to follow the cat’s preference. By doing this; encouraging them to use the scratching post will become easier to be done. There are enough options for both vertical and horizontal scratching waiting to be chosen.


Pay Attention to the Build of the Scratching Post

The next important thing is to take a good look at the scratching post. Take a look at the size and don’t forget to consider the cat’s size as well (or the size of the kitten when she grows up). Keep in mind that it must not be too large for the cat. Make sure that the scratching post will be sturdy and will not wobble. Cats use forces as they scratch and a wobbly board is not an option. It’s also important to know if the board is not too heavy. Just imagine if the scratching board is too heavy and it falls on the cat.

Take a look closer at the types of scratching board offered by the pet shops. There are ones called cat tower as these ones tall and often include bedding for the cat as well. There are also the horizontal ones that will lay flat on the floor or the ones have risen a little bit from the floor. The materials used by the scratching post need to be checked as well. Make sure that the post or board is made with good materials. Always avoid a scratching post or board that looks fluffy. Find the one that’s like the tree bark (coarse and rough). The ones with sisal fiber rope wrapping around are thought to be the best option.

After considering the things mentioned above, take the scratching board thought to be the best. Don’t worry about not finding the perfect one at a particular shop. Try to go to other pet shops and find it there. If buying is not an option, one may even try to create the scratching board at home. Just buy enough material and start making one. Even when one doesn’t want to do it as a DIY project, there is always petsmart scratching post.