Having a cat is actually you have a cat homes. It purposes to make your cat comfort. Making the cat homes is easy but many people feel so complicated with it. If you’re planning to make the cat homes simply, please check this article out. Cat Homes Ideas Cat Walk Fun Spot This is a kind of cat home that set the home like the garden. The home is constructed to give the tunnel and catwalks for the cats so as to ease the cat for doing their activities. The artistic and intricate platform and walkways probably allow the cat

There are a wide variety of conditions and causes which can lead to inflammation of the ear (otitis) in cats. Starting from ear mites, allergies, fungi, bacteria, cancer, injuries, immune system nuisance, etc. are the causing of ear infections. In general, the ear is divided into three parts, the outer (external), the middle and the (internal). It can occur in one or all three parts of the ear. The infection that occurs in the inner ears is usually severe and fatal, can cause loss of hearing ability permanently. Otitis which is not treated quickly and properly can cause longstanding inflammation/chronic.

OCD stands for osteochondritis dissecans, which simply described as progressively joint diseases. This is quite a dangerous and painful disease that can affect your horse. A survey stated that 5-25% of horses all around the world have the relatively high risk to have OCD, and it can happen to all of the horse breeds, no matter how much the price is. The faster and larger growing horse breed is the riskiest ones. Generally, the disease is the deficiency of endochondral ossification that leads to the disruption of the joint’s cartilage formation. In their words, the horse with OCD will have

Every cat owners must have heard about Tidy Cats, one of the famous cat litter brands. Tidy Cats Lightweight version is another type of cat litters that has weight half than typical clumping litter. You might have read Tidy Cats Lightweight review on other blogs or something. But, it doesn’t matter because we still want to give you another review so that you will understand about the product.   Variety of Tidy Cats Lightweight   As one of the most notorious cat litter brands, Tidy Cats has provided a wide range of cat litter that meets various cat needs from

Natural flea killer for cats will be questioned and searched by some people whose cats have flea problems. Fleas are troublesome not only for cats but also for the humans. These tiny creatures will cause discomfort for the itch constantly caused by them. A cat that has been molested by the annoying flea may develop skin infection as well as the itchy rash. They may become allergic to their own saliva and may also become anemic because of the blood loss. When kittens or cats come in contact with an environment infested with flea, chances are they will catch flea

For those who have cats in their house, it is such a regular routine to see cats scratching carpet, trees, and wooden post. Scratching carpet is actually one way to maintain their claws. For some people, this action is kinda cute cat’s habit. But for the other, scratching carpet is annoying, especially if they see their carpet is damaged. There are some ways on how to stop cats from scratching carpet and any surfaces in your house. By knowing these ways, cat owners could prevent their belongings from scratching marks. Let’s take a look.   How to Stop Cats from

Grazing muzzles for horses? You might have been considering whether or not you will take it for your horses, especially when it is so easy for them to get obese with only a few hours of grazing per day. Obesity can be dangerous for horses because it will lead to further problems such as insulin sensitivity as body fat mass increases. Not only that, over-grazing will cause serious health problems, such as crushing’s disease with many health complications, as well as insulin resistance, in which it becomes even harder for the horse to lose weight. Moreover, it can also result in laminitis,