Remember the famous words, “no hoof, no horse”? That is the absolute words to describe how vital the horse hoof is. Hoof is one of the most important body parts of a horse. It gives the balance of the horse’s body, supports the horse to move its huge body when it runs, jumps, and protect it from danger. The hoof-holds an important role in determining the life of horses. Now, we are going to learn horse hoof anatomy, to find out each part of it. Generally, there are two anatomy groups of horse hoof, the sensitive parts or having blood vessels

Low phosphorus cat food is the main diet for cats suffering from kidney disease. Cats must get a protein-restricted diet to prolong kidney function. This was said by a veterinarian, but the kidney was interrupted after limiting protein. This diet is a terrible thing for your cat. Cats are carnivores are unique because they are hypercarnivores. Cats cannot grow and survive without eating protein. High-quality protein is indispensable for the cats. Protein affects the immune system, the production of amino acids, and hormones. Cats do not like other mammals. Cats cannot get energy from other proteins. If the cat does not

Easy boots for horses has a wide range of models. You can get the best kind of boots for your favorite horse. You must choose high-quality boots for your horse. Boots with high quality will make your horse feel comfortable and do not hurt the horse’s legs. Listed below are the various types of boots you can buy a horse. EasyCare Fit Kit This is an ideal tool because it is equipped with safety gloves. The size of these boots will fit the horse’s feet. These gloves are attached to the boots so as not to be separated from the horses’

Most of all, when you think of a cat, you may think base coat colors and cat fur pattern that usually appear in cats. A cat is well-known as the beautiful feature in fur. No wonder if many people are seeking a cat fur pattern which has the most beautiful one. When you find the cat for a pet, firstly, you will see the fur.  Finding the great fur becomes the great pride for some people.  They normally desire to have the beautiful cat fur pattern.   The Cat Fur Pattern Types   1. Bicolor, Tuxedo, Van Cat Fur Pattern

Couch cover for cats is a furniture protection really needed for those having cats at home. It is actually often sold in a furniture store. You can ask the seller to show the products of couch covers. This works really well for the furniture protections and covers. Let’s reveal the use of couch cover, function, and the best product of cough cover.   What Is the Function of Couch Cover for Cats? Some cats at home sometimes get annoying if your cats try to scratch and claw any furniture items at home. Surely, it leaves some claw prints in the furniture

Science Diet Urinary Cat Food has the right formula for maintaining the health of the cats. These foods have benefits which are good for a cat which has a blockage of the urinary tract and urinary tract infections. You can buy cat food with the proper formulation from a veterinarian. The vet will conduct an examination of your cat before giving cat food recommendations are the most appropriate. Tests conducted by a veterinarian can diagnose the disease suffered by the cat.   Main Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection in Cats You can see the sex organ of the cat to inspect

Frisky Cat Food is a certain cat food brand often met in the supermarkets, pet shop and animal doctor. Friskies include being a premium standard cat food category. It is different from super premium cat foods that are rarely found in the general supermarket. This cat food has its uniqueness making cat lovers select this food for their cats. This is affordable and serves some tasty variants loved by both domestic and race cats. Frisky becomes a high-quality cat food brand. It belongs to popular being a sponsor of cat community activities. The products of Friskies have some products starting from

Hearing the name, ringworm, can mislead you into thinking that this is caused by a worm, though, actually, it is caused by a fungus. Ringworm, also known as dermatophytosis, is a contagious disease that can infect the skin, hair, and nail. It even can spread to other animals and humans too. Therefore, it is important for you who have cats to learn how to treat ringworm in cats. Otherwise, it’ll infect other members in the house. The Symptoms of Ringworm Common symptoms of ringworm are circular bald patches that often seen on the head, ears, and the front limbs. Sometimes you can

Generally, a cat is called as the domestic cat or house cat. Most of all, latin cat names have several meanings.  That is Felis Catus latin cat name  which means a carnivorous animal, a small and characteristically furry. They are as house cat because many people keep them at their house. Actually, there is not a thing to differentiate them from Felids (family of cat) or Felines (subfamily of cat). Furthermore, the cat is well-known as fellowship animal that very loyal for human or his owner. In fact, they can be used as a human friend for their ability in a special

Your cute and lovely cat is really prone to get certain illnesses. It is very important for you as a cat owner, to know some common cat health issues and problems that often infect your cat. By knowing what kind of diseases are, you will also know what to do to handle such disease when it harms your pet, or even better to prevent the diseases. Here, we have a list of most common cat health issues and problems that hopefully will help you to take care your cats better, because once you adopt them, it depends on you how the