Finding The Great Treatment And Natural Flea Killer For Cats

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Natural flea killer for cats will be questioned and searched by some people whose cats have flea problems. Fleas are troublesome not only for cats but also for the humans. These tiny creatures will cause discomfort for the itch constantly caused by them. A cat that has been molested by the annoying flea may develop skin infection as well as the itchy rash. They may become allergic to their own saliva and may also become anemic because of the blood loss. When kittens or cats come in contact with an environment infested with flea, chances are they will catch flea as well. But for the most of the time, cats catch the flea from other cats that already catch the flea.


Recognizing the Signs of Flea Infestation

Natural Flea Killer for Cats
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Cats molested by flea will usually have terrible itching and constantly scratching. They will also have hair loss, particularly down the back, behind ears, back leg, and tail. They will be seen repeatedly licking their bodies, agitated and restless. Red spots can be seen on the cats’ bedding and there will be pepper-like specks seen on the cats’ bodies. Cats will also lose muscle while becoming lethargic. Cats may develop inflammation due to the constant scratching and be biting. Lastly, there will be tiny black or brown insects seen on the cats’ fur.


Ensuring the Condition and Treatment

When a pet owner has a suspicion of his cat gets molested by a flea, he will need to check it immediately. Make the cat stand upon a white surface and comb the cat’s fur. If there are tiny black or brown specks, a proper treatment is needed. The bad news is it takes time and efforts to get rid of flea and some people fail to completely eradicate them. That being said, giving treatment will never hurt and the followings are some natural remedies for the cats’ flea problems.

  • Aloe Vera juice mixed with cayenne pepper can be used as well. Just mix the two ingredients in a spray bottle and use it. Another way is by mixing the aloe vera juice with essential oil.
  • White vinegar is known to be a really good way to get rid of flea from cats. It’s simple to use this one remedy. When bathing a cat, add white vinegar into the water and then pour the water over the body of the cat. Don’t forget to gently comb the cat’s fur and do it regularly.
  • A mix of essential oils can be used as well. Try to mix two tablespoons of each peppermint oil and sunflower oil to be mixed with 1 tablespoon of clove oil, ½ teaspoon of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of water, and a pinch of garlic powder and ¼ cup of lemon juice. Mix them well and pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use. This mixture is not harmful but for the safety sake, consult with the veterinarian first.

In addition to the remedies, it’s also important to keep the environment free from flea infestation. Try to keep everything as clean as possible. Try to always vacuum the floor and don’t forget to give a bath to the cat regularly. It is good to also treat the cat with flea control items such as flea collar or flea comb. By doing this, the most efficient remedy is found while also using the natural lead killer for the cat.