Top 13+ World’s Most Expensive Horse Breed Of All Time

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The horse is one of the beautiful and reliable animals that everyone loves and adores. They are used for enjoyable horse riding, carrying heavy carriers, transformation means, or just for self-enjoyment. This animal is considered (of course) as an expensive pet to adopt to and the level of their price depends on several criteria like their breed, pedigree, and age.

The expensive horses mostly determined by its beauty and uniqueness, so people who have decided to adopt the high-rate horses must be the very rich ones. Don’t forget about the high cost that you should spend on shiping, train, and other treatments once you make them as your adorable pet. Here we have the list of most expensive horse breed of all time that looks and behaves as majestically as they could be.


List of Most Expensive Horse Breed


#1 Arabian Horse (Price: around $100,000)


arabian horse

The first world’s most expensive horse breed is given to the majestic Arabian Horse Breed. This beautiful horse is originated from Arabian Peninsula and mostly used for the race, pulling carriage, shepherd, and war. The Arabian horse is also the oldest breed in the world which came 4,500 years ago and they have 55 – 65 inches height with a well-built and stunning look.


#2 Thoroughbred (Price: around $89,259)

thoroughbred horse
credits: Pet Guide

This breed is said to be the most popular racing horse which is known for its stability to conquer a long-distance race. Thoroughbred is also called “hot-blooded horse” because they are quite hard to be tamed. The height of this breed is 63 to 67 inches and various colors like black, gray, and brown. The high price of Thoroughbred is due to its unbeatable speed on the race.


#3 Morgan (Price: around $55,000)


morgan horse
credits: Wallpaper-Web Blog

The American Morgan horse is such a special breed, and they are mainly used for riding and racing. Back in the days of American Civil War, people used them as cavalry. They come in various colors like bay, chestnut, and black with the size ranges from 55 – 65 inches of height.


#4 Friesian (Price: around $25,000)

friesian horse
credits: Pet Guide

One of the most intelligent horse breed in the world which comes from Friesland in Netherlands. They have mainly used in war a long time ago of European Middle Ages. The Friesian horse has 61 – 65 inches height with a sturdy body and many movies have involved this horse because of his elegant and beautiful look.


#5 Paint Horse (Price: around $23,500)

paint horse
credits: Horse Channel

It is safe to say that this breed’s name is inspired by its two colors pattern which is mostly the combination of white and dark colors like brown or black. Their height ranges from 60 inches – 65 inches with 800 to 900 kg weight. Paint horse mainly used in many events and racing, so that’s why is it’s tagged very high.


#6 Quarter Horse (Price: around $14,500)

credits: Dream Stop

This is one of the most expensive and high-speed horses in the world with 88.5 km/h running speed. Quarter horses are mostly used for tourist ride to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. Their height ranges from 58 – 63 inches and becomes a high-rate horse because of their huge demand. They come in various colors like brown, black, gray, and red roan.


#7 Gypsy Vanner Horse (Price: around $13,000)

gypsy vanner horse
credits: Gypsy Vanner Horses

The gorgeous looking horse that is very friendly and also famous for their agility. Their jumping ability is very great which is why people mostly use them for jumping competitions. The height of this breed is about 60 inches with stunning thick mane and tail.


#8 Mustang (Price: around $10,250)

mustang horse
credits: WiccaReencarnada

This one is globally famous, originated from Spain and now mostly spread around America. Known for his wildness and stability, Mustang is mostly used for long distance rides and carrying heavy stuff.  This most expensive horse breed member is also such an intelligent horse with long life span.


#9 Dutch Warmblood (Price: around $10,000)


dutch warmblood horse

From its name, it is obvious that they are originated from Netherlands which are bred from two horse breeds. The result is a fast and stable horse that mostly use for competition and recreation. It has 5 feet average height with a muscular look.


#10 Andalusian Horse (Price: around $7000)

andalusian horse
credits: HorseTalk TV

Some people call this breed as Pure Spanish Horse, their origin is from Iberian Peninsula in Spain. They have very great athletic ability and one of the oldest horse breeds, and their average height ranges from  5 to 6 feet. They are such a well-behaved horse with the calm and intelligent characteristic.


#11 Clydesdale Horse (Price: around $5000)


clydesdale horse
credits: Horse Mart

The name is inspired by one region in Scotland where this horse breed mostly found. The distinctive appearance of this one is the white hair on his leg with different colors body like brown, chestnut, black and gray. Clydesdale is one of the most loyal horses to his owner which also has roles as a queen’s horse in many movies.


#12 Standardbred Horse (Price: around $4,000)

standardbred horse
credits: Clover Ledge Farm


The strong, rugged, loyal, and sensible horse that can do many things for you. Their size ranges from 4 to 5 feet with 900 to 2000 pounds weight. They are also well-known for their ability in harness racing, and much easier to tame than the Thoroughbred horse breed.


#13. Appaloosa (Price: around $3000)

Appaloosa horse
credits: Amazing Horse

This breed is well-known for his powerful and strong legs, so some people call him a great runner and mostly for the race. Appaloosa also has such an attractive look with its leopard-like pattern.


#14. Shetland Pony (Price: around $2000)


shetland pony horse
credits: Pets4Home

This super cute pony really looks so adorable with the maximum height of this horse is only about 4 feet. Although they are most suitable for young riders, but Shetland Pony is quite a dependable pet. They come in various colors like bay, red roan, gray, brown and chestnut. People use them for pulling the carts, plowing farmland, peat, and carrying coal.

That is our list of the most expensive horse breed that you may have the interest to own one. Their beauty, majestic look, and functions are quite reasonable for them to come with high price tag. You may think that dog is a man’s best friend but the horse is also worth to join your family member with its various reliabilities. Some people also choose to adopt expensive horses to show up their high social reputation.