Maine Coon Kitten: How To Tell If The Cat Is Maine Coon Kitten

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Helloo … Ailurophiles! We believe that people who love cat know this term. Yeah.. it refers to the lover of a kitten who is a very crazy lover. They are getting crazy when they have the beautiful cat. Many cat lovers who impose themselves to have a cat that they really love. Starting in finding the great kitten or going to quality breeders to get the most beautiful cat is certainly to do.

Maine Coon Kitten Race

Nowadays, almost every cat lovers have the each of kitten race such as Angora, Persian, Siamese, American short hair, and much more. Do you know that the oldest kitten race? This race is the oldest cat race in the world. Yeah… that is Maine Coon Kitten which comes from the United States. They are well-known as the strong cats who are very independent and really closer with their owners. No wonder if many cat lovers are ambitious to have the beautiful and the powerful these cats.

The Definition of Maine Coon Kitten

maine coon kitten
Maine Coon Cat Nation

To answer “what is the Maine Coon Kitten?” Or “What is the characteristic of them?”. The question is really difficult to be solved because many people do know what the exactly of Maine Coon Kitten is. Many cats with black-haired, shaggy and soft fur are called for Maine Coon but it is not all like that.

Generally, Maine Coon is a large, strong, long-haired, beautiful and powerful domestic cat. The Maine Coon Cat comes from England. They are called a native New Englander, that well-known as a strong mouser, and cat breed. Many sources explained that this cat origin from the mating between the domestic cat and Norwegian Forest cat.


The History of Maine Coon Kitten

The history of Maine Coon Kitten began from the early 19th century. There are many speculations and folk tales about the Main Coon Kitten origins. Many sources say that the Vikings brought him to North America before Columbus sailed the blue ocean for centuries. Some say that Maine Coon is the descendant of a long-haired cat owned by Marie Antoinette that sent to Wiscasset, Maine when she would escape from France during the French Revolution. Many folk tales told that Maine Coon is originated from local shorthaired/domestic cats mated with longhaired/bobcats from other centuries which could describe the clumps of hair that can be seen on the ears type.

The Maine Coon is believed as Angora race and Norwegian forest race. At that time, Angora race was brought by British Merchant to the America while the Norwegian Forest race was also brought by Viking to America. In 1861, Maine Coon cats followed for the first contest. On May 8, 1895, a female Maine Coon with brown tabby named Cosey won the contest held in Madison Square Garden, New York, United States. In 1950, the Maine Coon cultivated back by six breeders of domesticated cats. And in 1968, they all formed an organization called “Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association” (MCBFA), with the goal to keep going the Maine Coon race. Finally, in 1980, many cats registration recognized the race of Maine Coon.


The Characteristic of Maine Coon Kitten

The one thing that you have to know Maine Coon Kitten is not a mating between a cat and a raccoon that they have brown tabby fur and furry ringed tail as the raccoon has. But they are original as the descendant of the race cats from a natural breed which is known of their origins. In the fact that many cats get their each name for every race. For this race, a Maine coon that did not have the brown tabby fur is named as Maine Shags.


The Weight and The Height

maine coon kitten

The Maine Coon is the biggest breed of local domestic cat. On average, the weight of male cat is about from 5.9 to 8.2 kg with a female about 3.6 to 5.4 kg. For the heights of adults cat can vary between 25 cm – 41 cm (10-16 inches) actually they can reach for 120 cm (up to 48 inches) length including the tail for 36 cm (14 inches).

The Tail

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The tail is so long almost favoring the raccoon tail and no wonder if many folk tales say that they are hybridization with a raccoon. Maine Coon has brown tabby fur and furry ringed tail. The fur on the tail is long and flowing and can reach about 36 cm.

The Body

Maine Coon Kitten

The Maine Coon body is really strong, fraught and muscular. Of course, the weight is so heavy with the large chest. Maine Coons own the rectangular body shape. Meanwhile, the physical is not reaching the potential size as types of the cat generally. They possess the slow growth for an adult where they grow for 3 or 5 years while the other cats take about 1 year normally.

The Fur

Maine Coon Kitten

The Maine Coon has a thick fur, soft, smooth, and resistant to water. The fur is so soft and silky even if the fur with vary colors. They are a long- or medium-haired cat. Its fur has a length of about 7 cm. The longer fur is on the stomach and on the thighs and back feathers little long while the shorter one on the head, legs, and shoulders.

The Ears


The shape of the ear is wide and large at the base. In the ear, there is a fairly long feather, and the tail section also has a tail that expands. The feathers are in around the neck like a lion’s mane. The width overstays slightly in older cats.

The Eyes

Maine Coon Guide

Wow! That is so sharp spotlight eyes. The Maine Coon has a little oval (not almond shape). It’s different shape when the wide eyes open. It is large and widely set. The ears color is desirable, so there’s no connection between the eye and the fur color.

The Legs


The leg of Maine Coon is the medium length to shape the rectangle with the body with four legs. That’s so substantial and the fur is a quite lower length.  For the paw is round and large between the toes.

The Neck

Maine Coon Guide

The neck of Maine coon is different between the male and female. For a male, it is very strong muscle neck while for a female is a little bit not solid and muscular. Some cats have a lion-like ruff around their neck.

The Personality of Maine Coon Kitten

Maine Coon is an independent cat. They really love to be around people’s lives. These cats are also active and happy to be closer to their owners. They really enjoy playing with the toys, small balls, and pieces of paper. Maine Coon kitten is also patient cat where you close the door on him. They will wait for you to realize why you let them offhanded.

The coat is subject to seasonal variation, with the fur being thicker in the winter and thinner during the summer.

They have a color pattern with tabby classic/mackerel (brown, gray), brownish orange, silver (silver black, silver red silver beige) and tortoiseshell (black and blue). For more detail about the Maine Coon Kitten, this video below can describe clearly.


How to Take Care of Maine Coon Kitten

Keeping the pet cat sure needs the skill. Do not arbitrarily to do some ways in taking care the cat. Taking care of kitten is mostly fun for playing with. The first important thing, you have to keep the fur/ the coat still soft and silky. Here, we share you some tips to take care the Maine Coon cat.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is about giving them the Kitten food with high quality that they usually eat. If you want to give them a new one, you have to wait for few days and start mixing new food in. Don’t forget to give them the good quality water that you usually drink.
  2. Comb the hair for twice weekly and remove the dead hair. Don’t forget to distribute the good oils on the hair.
  3. Groom it regularly. Use the grooming tools or a stainless steel comb in removing the tangles.
  4. Distribute skin oils in the stomach area and on the tail. Check the tail to remove the bits of poop stuck on the fur. Clean it with a baby wipe.
  5. Bath a Maine Coon every week to every few month as needed. If their coat is greasy and stringy.
  6. Brush their teeth to clean the tooth and prevent the disease. It is the best way to do daily dental hygiene.
  7. Trim their nails for every couple weeks. Wipe the eye using the soft cloth.
  8. Check the ears routinely, if they are dirty, wipe with a cotton bud or soft cloth.
  9. Cleaning the Maine Coon’s litter box always is a good way. Cats are well-known as bathroom hygiene, and a keep a litter box clean will help you to keep the coat well.
  10. It is a great idea for you in keeping the Maine Coon cat for indoor-only to protect them from an attack of dogs or disease spread by others cats and species. The other dangers when they go around such as being hit by a car or stolen by someone.