Maine Coon Kitten For Sale: How To Find A Good Maine Coon Breeder

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Who can resist the cuteness of Main Coon cat? This big, fluffy and most friendly cat breed has become one of the popular kinds of cat to adopt today.  Maine Coon is the big cat breed that grows up two times bigger than others in the same age, the cat will keep growing up until it reaches 3 years old. Averagely, the male cats weigh 13 to 18 pounds, and females weigh from 9 to 16 pounds.

This huge and long cat can live up to 15 years or even more. The hugest one has 48.5 inches long that won the Guinness World Record for the largest domestic animal which has died in 2013. People say thet Maine Coon cat is kind of a ‘dog in cat world’ because they are as human-friendly as the dog. So, are you ready to adopt this giant cat? Read these tips below to have the best Maine Coon cat, before you decide to adopt one!


Tips to Find the Best Maine Coon Kitten for Sale 


main coon kitten for sale
Credit:Miowcoon Cattery


The first thing you should consider in finding the best Maine Coon kitten for sale from a breeder is whether or not they belong to reputable breeder’s organizations like CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) or TICA (The International Cat Association). Also ask the local or national cat clubs, especially the ones which focus on Maine Coon, where to find the guaranteed breeders.

Buying a Maine Coon cat from a pet shop is not something recommended because a reputable breeder will not sell their cats in a pet shop. Always consider buying the cats from the breeders near you, because shipping them can cause stress to the cats, and of course, increase your cost to pay the shipping.


Checking the Breeder’s Condition

The best way to find Maine Coon kitten for sale is by coming to a good cattery, and look for the cats that suit your desire. Moreover, you can also examine for yourself the condition of the cattery that you have chosen, check out these following items to know several things that a good cattery should have:

  • Do they have great hygiene condition?

    Of course, this is the most important thing that the cattery should have. The surroundings of the cattery should be neat and clean.

  • Do the breeders have CFA or TICA credentials?

    The credentials from trusted organizations determine whether they are a qualified breeder or not.

  • Are they regularly inspected by the local vet?

    Make sure that the vet checks the cat regularly before you bring him home.

  • Do the cats look energetic and happy?

    The cats should welcome you happily, it indicates that they have got used to of hanging around with people.

  • Do the breeders get the take car the cat “under the foot”?

    The good breeder should raise their kittens mostly outside the cage and get them socialized daily.


Breeder’s Question List

Beside those several visible conditions that you can examine at the first sight you visit a cattery, you should also need to be a curious customer by asking some important questions to find out the quality of the Maine Coon kitten for sale. A proper Main Coon breeder should know everything about the cats that they are selling which determines whether or not they have devoted to the cats totally. To make it clearer, here we provide you some useful questions to ask for:

  • Ask about the how long the cat has lived in a cattery. The ideal one has been taken care by the breeder for about 12 weeks.
  • Ask about the cats’ pedigree. One of the most important things is to find out the genetic association of the cats that you are going to purchase. By asking this question you will know the genetic health’s record of the cat.
  • Ask whether the breeders show their cats or not. It should be a ‘yes’ because if they do meaning the cats are taken care well.
  • Ask to what Maine Coon Club the breeders are registered to.
  • Ask if the cats have been tested for several cat breed’s common diseases like HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), hip dysplasia, and PKD (Polycystic Kidney). HCM is common heart disease, hip dysplasia is abnormal development of hip joint, and PKD is genetic kidney disease.
  • Ask for health guarantee. If the cat has certain diseases that caused by faulty genetic, the breeders should provide a certain guarantee for you.


Browse Online

Look out online could be the easiest way to find the best Maine Coon breeder. There so many forums that will recommend you some reputable breeders in your area which offer Maine Coon kitten for sale. You can also have a talk with Maine Coon owners about where they get their lovely pets.


Maine Coon Kitten Price


maine coon kitten for sale price


Now, let’s talk about how much Maine Coon cost. Averagely, a good breeder will sell their Maine Coon for $400 to $ 1500 for a kitten. Remember that Maine Coon is a model cat in which they mostly use for a show by the breeder. So it is quite rational if they offer on a high price because of the treatment that is given to the cat. If the breeder offers you the cat lesser than $400, you should be curious about the quality of the cat, because it is offered beyond the lowest price.


Free Maine Coon Kitten


maine coon kittens for sale adoption

There is an alternative way to get a Maine Coon without spending any money or at least lesser price, but of course, it comes with some problems. One of the common ways to get the cat freely is by adopting from a cat rescue or cat shelter.

You will find some Maine Coon cats that need to take care by a new owner. The retired cat from show also most likely to be sold at lower price. However, the cats that sold in this case usually the old ones that have known where their real home is. So you may find it a little bit tricky to get close to them. Moreover, the chance for you to get a pure Main Coon cat is much harder, because it is hard to trace the lineage of a cat in a shelter. You will probably end up with a mixed cat, or a cat that looks like Maine Coon. It also means that you will not know much about the genetic issue that they have.

Otherwise, the good Maine Coot breeder will tell you the specific lineage of the cats that they offer. So you will know the pureness of the cat’s genetic and health issue. It is up to your consideration whether to purchase a Maine Coon kitten for sale or just adopting the needy one from a shelter