Low Phosphorus Cat Food For Kidney

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Low phosphorus cat food is the main diet for cats suffering from kidney disease. Cats must get a protein-restricted diet to prolong kidney function. This was said by a veterinarian, but the kidney was interrupted after limiting protein. This diet is a terrible thing for your cat. Cats are carnivores are unique because they are hypercarnivores. Cats cannot grow and survive without eating protein. High-quality protein is indispensable for the cats. Protein affects the immune system, the production of amino acids, and hormones. Cats do not like other mammals. Cats cannot get energy from other proteins. If the cat does not get enough protein, then the cat will have a beautiful muscle. Cats that have excessive body weight will lose muscle mass because eating too much carbohydrate, fat, and calories. Recent research shows that cats that do not have the muscle will die sooner have severe disease, and quality of life was very poor.


Low phosphorus cat food
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Phosphorus Binders

Most cat foods contain phosphorus. Raw foods most contain phosphorus are milk and meat. If the cat did a blood test and decreased kidney function, then the phosphor should be limited to reduce kidney damage is more severe. This can be done by changing the diet. Phosphorus binders can be found at an advanced stage. Making changes to diet is an important way to control phosphorus. You can limit the phosphorus by reducing protein. You need a phosphate binder that prevents phosphorus absorption. Phosphorus can be restricted using aluminum hydroxide, but the cat who ate HCL can make kidney disease becomes severe.

Phosphorus Restriction for Kidney Disease

Low phosphorus cat food can be purchased at a pet store. Limiting phosphorus is more appropriate measure than limiting protein. Foods with high levels of phosphorus that can reduce kidney function quickly. You can download a chart of cat food are provided by the veterinarian. Kidney disease should be examined by a veterinarian on a regular basis. If the content of phosphorus in the blood is greater than 5 mg, then the cat should consume phosphorus binders.

Diet for Kidney

Cats with kidney disease should go on a diet. There are three main things that must be considered in making such diets. The first thing is the water intake. Cats that have chronic kidney disease will become dehydrated. The ability of the kidneys to conserve water will be reduced. Fluid intake is important. Cats must get a lot of water from food. You can leave a wet food than dry wheat. The second thing is the protein content. Cats with kidney disease can consume easily digested protein such as poultry and rabbits. Toxic products can accumulate in the blood, causing kidney failure. Cats are not getting enough protein will experience weight loss. It will hurt the cat. Cats would sooner die of food with high protein content.

The third thing is to eat foods with low phosphate levels. Phosphorus is a mineral that is vital to the health of cats. A healthy cat can remove excess phosphorus through the kidneys. Cats with kidney disease cannot excrete excess phosphorus. Cats will experience symptoms such as twitching, cannot coordinate, and poor appetite. You should consult a veterinarian before buying low phosphorus cat food.