How To Stop Cats From Scratching Carpet In The House

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For those who have cats in their house, it is such a regular routine to see cats scratching carpet, trees, and wooden post. Scratching carpet is actually one way to maintain their claws. For some people, this action is kinda cute cat’s habit. But for the other, scratching carpet is annoying, especially if they see their carpet is damaged. There are some ways on how to stop cats from scratching carpet and any surfaces in your house. By knowing these ways, cat owners could prevent their belongings from scratching marks. Let’s take a look.


How to Stop Cats from Scratching Carpet


How to Stop Cats from Scratching Carpet
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Surely every cat owner understands that their cats never have any intentions to destruct the furniture and carpet on purpose. Scratching carpet is just cats’ natural habits. So, don’t get angry and blame your cats for what they’ve done.

Provide an Outlet for Scratching

If you don’t want your cats destroying your carpet, then you better find another outlet for them. A scratch post is sufficient for claw sharpening. Swipe the post surface with your cat’s paws, so your cat will recognize their own scent on the post. Do this several times to strengthen the scent. Then place the post in front of the carpet your cats often use as scratching outlet.

Every time you see your cats scratching elsewhere, pick up your cats and bring them to the post. That way your cats will understand that their place to scratch is on the post and not anywhere else. Entice your cats to use the post by placing their favorite toys on the top of the post or sprinkling some catnip on the post.

Play More with Your Cats

Sometimes the reason why your cats scratch your carpet is because they enjoy playing with soft materials like the carpet and getting excited about it. Why don’t you play more often with them, so they can release their excessive energies and forget about scratching carpet?

Improve Security

When a cat feels insecure, he will try to place their scent on several strategic places in the room by scratching items or rubbing their head on the furniture. It is also an act of marking territory. If you catch your cats scratching items on several places, you should identify the reason behind their insecurity. Maybe other cats have come into the house, or your cats feel uncomfortable with your new decoration, or maybe something scare them outside.

You can improve their security by doing this:

  • Close the cat door, so that other cats cannot enter into the house.
  • Restrict the area where your cats roaming around. Make these restricted areas as the place where your cats would feel secure and comfortable.
  • Dab the scent of your cat on the areas where you’ve seen your cat scratching or rubbing often. The source of cats’ scent is on the cheek. Wipe your cats’ face with a soft cloth to get the scent.
  • Don’t get angry or raise your voice to nervous cats. It can make your cats feel more insecure and threatened.
  • If you redecorate the furniture, your cats might confuse because they cannot find the usual scent on the furniture. Spread the scent using the method above to improve the security.

Hope these tipss about how to stop cats from scratching carpet can really help you solving the problem. Good luck!