How To Keep Cats Away From Furniture And Stop Scratching On Them

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How to keep cats away from furniture? This question lingers in the minds of some people who have cats. There are various reasons why people wish to keep their cats away from particular furniture. They may not want the cats to ‘ruin’ the place around the furniture. They may not want the fur of cats to get stuck in furniture like a couch. They may don’t want cats to destroy furniture by scratching them. Now, the latter is the more common reason. For cats, scratching is a natural thing but for their humans, scratching in unexpected places is a huge no.


How to Keep Cats Away from Furniture


how to keep cats away from furniture
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Understanding the Purpose of Scratching

As aforementioned, scratching for cats is something very natural. It’s in their blood, it’s their nature’s call. When a cat is scratching a particular surface, he’s actually exercising the muscles of the paws all the way through the legs, down the back and shoulders. In addition to the exercise, the claws will be sharpened and cleaned. Aside for exercising, cats are also scratching to mark their territories. They have scent glands on their paws with the scent that can be distinguished only by animals. Considering these things, it will take the time to train the cats to stay away from furniture.

Starting to Keep Cats Away from Furniture

There is a process to everything, including in training cats to stay away from furniture. What can be done to actually stop cats from scratching furniture? The followings are some tips that will be helpful.

  • Put a stop to the habit of the cats by scolding them in the sharp tone. Another method is to spray them with a water spray whenever the cats attempt to scratch on furniture. Alternatively, one can try to occupy the cats with other activities such as playing with a particular toy or simply pet them before they start scratching.
  • Buy a scratching post or scratching apparatus. This item is the prime solution to this problem. However, it certainly takes the time to train cats to use this specific thing. There are several things to be considered when buying the post or board for scratching. It must be sturdy like tree bark and not be wobbling. It should not be heavy and too tall for the cat. It must be orientated to the cat’s scratching habit i.e. a cat may prefer to scratch horizontally than vertically. Try to have different types of scratching post.
  • Put the scratching post in strategic places such as close to the furniture the cats often scratch. If a cat scratches more than one place, put a scratching post in each of those places. Try to direct cats’ attention to the scratching post by rubbing or spraying catnip oil.
  • Start to train the cats in using the scratching boards. Encourage the cat to use the board by placing their paws on the boards. Every time the cats use the post, don’t forget to praise them. Give them a treat or simply pat them.

All things mentioned above can be really helpful. Aside from those things, one may also try to limit the cats’ access to the furniture they scratch. It will take a long time and efforts but it will be worthy in the end. Be patient in executing everything in how to keep cats away from furniture.