How Long Cats Can Live? | The Causes, The Factor & The Tips To Get Longer Life

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So many questions typically “How long cats can live”? The word cat may be changed by horses, dogs, chickens, etc. That question is usually in veterinarian subject that heard as difficult something to answer. Of course, nobody could say how long the exact cat can live and survive in their environment. Statistically, the question is going to give a general idea about what we expect about that.

Moreover, there are two kinds of cats that differentiate in their life habit, those are indoor and outdoor. Sure, there are differences the long life between them. The outdoor cat is shorter than an indoor cat. Commonly, a cat that spends time with unsupervised environment tends to live about 7 years old while the indoor cat can reach its life around 14 years old. In fact, many indoor cats are healthier and subtract the death factors by running away, vehicle attacking, snatched or losing.


The Factors That Cause The Long Life For Cat

how long cats can live
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In fact, a cat is living longer than ever. Although, the advance of medicine help them to survive but there’s also cat without medicine. The domestic cat habitually lives on average 12 – 18 years, some may live for early 20 years. The oldest one is amazingly reported to have to live for 28 years. The reason is the indoor cat can live longer because they have improvement in nutrition and the checking health including the therapeutic agents and vaccines. Meanwhile, the outdoor cat generally has a shorter time in life. So many factors that cause they live shorter time likely, attacked by dog/others predator or Vehicle incidents. Moreover, the outdoor cat is also more susceptible to the virus that spread by contacting with an infected cat or fighting. Those viruses belong to Feline Leukaemia and Feline Immunodeficiency (FIV).


The Tips In Keeping The Cat To Be Longer

Keeping out the lovely cat is the absolute compulsion that we have to do. Of course, we desire that our cat can live longer, longer and more longer. Lots of methods and ways have you to do in taking care of your cat. There are so many things that can help you getting the older cat life even their golden ages.

Do Vaccinations Routinely – When you send your cat to your veterinarians, sure you have avoided the cat from a disease that probably getting aboard.

Observation – It is also the important way that must you do. Checking the small changes about your cat’s habit, in general, is an essential role. You can do this way by identifying the physically or psychologically such as breathing patterns, fur quality, appetite, lumps and bumps, coughing, toileting habits, water intake and general habits.

Keep a Weight Range – It has to balance diet. Do not make the diet reduce the intake of nutrients cats.

Doing Exercise – The regularly exercise at least can help the cat more active and the cat’s brain runs.

Regular Veterinary – The veterinary regularly include a physical examination such as diagnostic test (blood, urine, and possibly x-rays), intestinal parasites, wellness care (diet, parasite control, and dental care).