Grazing Muzzles For Horses: To Put Or Not To Be Put?

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Grazing muzzles for horses? You might have been considering whether or not you will take it for your horses, especially when it is so easy for them to get obese with only a few hours of grazing per day. Obesity can be dangerous for horses because it will lead to further problems such as insulin sensitivity as body fat mass increases. Not only that, over-grazing will cause serious health problems, such as crushing’s disease with many health complications, as well as insulin resistance, in which it becomes even harder for the horse to lose weight. Moreover, it can also result in laminitis, or what the experts often describe as a severe inflammation on feet, that often will disable your horses to move freely, or even it can lead to death if they are not treated quickly. Too much of being restricted in grazing muzzles will also make the horses stressed out. Of course, you do not want either of these cases to happen to your horses, right?

So, do your horses have to take the grazing muzzles?

Grazing Muzzles for Horses

First of all, you need to check your horses and identify its laminitis risk. Ponies have higher risks of catching this disease, in which the construction of their bodies is easily affected by it than horses. For those with a huge risk of laminitis, then it is highly suggested for your horses to put the grazing muzzle on. However, you need to get the precise measure of time to get it on. You may take two hours or even less in a day. Not only that, it will be better if you do not restrict your horses during the times of high risks, such as spring and autumn.

If your horses start to show a sign of obesity, you need to get them through a healthy diet by selecting the right grass with a good composition of nutrition to keep your horses healthy. The grazing muzzle is only to be worn where grass has higher concentrations of non-structural carbohydrates.

What to consider when picking the grazing muzzles?

Again, being restricted in a long run might cause some stress upon your horses. This becomes essential if you want your horses to live healthier and longer. Here are some things to take into your accounts when you are about to get grazing muzzles for your horses:

Is the muzzle too tight? Or is it too heavy? Can your horses breathe properly when they wear it? Of course, horses are your pets to be treated as you see fit. Even so, you need to think of their own comfortableness and treat them right. You need to make sure that the size of the grazing muzzle fit to your horses, that it is not too small nor too big. It will even be better if you can customize it by yourself, remembering that your ponies and horses are still growing up. Not only that, you need to get one which is lighter, so it will not burden your horses with its poor ventilation. However, you need to be human too when they are wearing the grazing muzzles for horses.