Is Frisky Cat Food Appropriate For Your Lovely Cats?

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Frisky Cat Food is a certain cat food brand often met in the supermarkets, pet shop and animal doctor. Friskies include being a premium standard cat food category. It is different from super premium cat foods that are rarely found in the general supermarket. This cat food has its uniqueness making cat lovers select this food for their cats. This is affordable and serves some tasty variants loved by both domestic and race cats. Frisky becomes a high-quality cat food brand. It belongs to popular being a sponsor of cat community activities. The products of Friskies have some products starting from dry food for a kitten, dry food for adults, and wet foods.


frisky cat food
credit: Pet Lovers Center

Food Flavor Variants

To be a premium cat food, Friskies present some kinds of food flavor variant. The cat food for adults consists of some choices including Tuna and Sarden, Ocean Platter, Deep Sea Delight, and Ocean Fish. Meanwhile, Frisky Cat Food for a kitten is available in some flavors. Those are Seafood and Chicken and Fish. With various taste variants, of course, it becomes one of the primacies of Friskies because it is able to give cat food flavor variant for your cats especially the cats getting bored the food easily.

The Package Size of Frisky Cat Food

Friskies food provides complete package version starting from bag size version for those cat lovers who want to buy in big portion to be a stock at home and small size version for those who want to try to feed your cats. The packaging of this cat food is beautiful and nice having bright yellow color. It is so practical and original manufacturer packaging. It is available starting from 450 gram, 1,3 kilogram, and 7 kilograms. You can choose it based on the necessity of your cats.

The Composition of Nutrition

Contained nutrition in Friskies is very complete and great for your cats. It doesn’t contain gluten and free chemical and dangerous substances. It needs to know that every level of Frisky cat foods has different compositions based on the age of the cat. So, don’t buy it carelessly. You should concern on the composition of nutrition on the back of the package. Make sure that it has protein to maintain gland and tissue, carbohydrate to the strength and energy, fat and oil to make skin and fur keep well and shining. Friskies cat foods for adults and kitten contain protein, fat, and fiber with different composition level based on the age of cats. It also contains some vitamins and mineral to support smartness, diligence, and health of the cats.

Do Cats Like Frisky Cat Food?

Frisky cat foods actually tend to be a favorite food for domestic cats. Meanwhile, race cats don’t really like Friskies. But, it is different from wet food from Friskies in which race cats really love the food. The wet food is possibly given to your cats once a week. If it is given regularly, it makes your cat teeth get the flag. Frisky cat food is great for cats. Though it is cheap but it has complete nutrition composition making your cats stay healthy. There are no reasons to feed your cats with Frisky Cat Food.