Safe And Secure Cat Proof Fence Ideas With Easy Installation

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Certainly, you often see that your cat is jumping the fence and running outside from home. It causes your cat not safe from outside environment. Various of cause exactly can happen soon such as dog attack, hit by vehicles, Stolen by people, etc. Of course, you do not want it to occur, right? Now, you are thinking the way how to prevent your cat not to jump the fence. Some people might feel difficult to avoid it while the others one get easy to do it.


Cat-Proof Fence

cat proof fence
Credit: Get Beautiful Fence and Gate design Ideas

Indeed, it is a little bit difficult to let your cat go outside from home. But sometimes, your cat is going to jump the fence fast and we can not prevent it soon. So, it is your turn to do the extra way in prohibiting your cat to go around. There are some ways that you can do by using several tools.  Actually, you can make the cat proof but not to lose their access to the tree, yard or garden. Because it can make your cat getting stressful and bridled. Before you decide to make it, it is better for you to ask the question “Is the cat proof fence safe for the cat?” After you answer the question correctly. Now, it is your action to make it well.  Furthermore, if you have a narrow yard, backyard or garden, it probably is better to build the cat enclosure. For the ideal zone, the cat proof fence is the narrow area between the fence and the house which can be closed at the end by gates.


Basic Reasoning in Making Cat Proof Fence

Before you continue your consideration, it is the best time for you to observe your cat behavior every day. IS your cat very active? Do you share the cat place with dogs or others animals? If your cat is very active to always go around the home, it is probably the cat to jump above the house fence. Meanwhile, if you share your cat home with the dog, actually, it is a great reason why your cat always jumps and pass over the fence again. Perhaps, you cat feel uncomfortable with others animals existence or the place is too narrow for them. The reason might allow you cat to do that. But if the cat home and the yard are worthy for cat living areas, probably, your cat is too active. Indeed, it is the habits of every animal.

The Installation of Cat Proof Fence

After you have the right consideration to make the cat proof fence. Now, we continue to create the installation of the cat proof fence.

This way is really important for you to protect your cat from the desirable things. Make sure that you do it carefully and safe for your cat. If you make it carelessly, maybe it will be dangerous for you cat. Before you install the cat proof fence, you should prepare the tools that required for it.


Cat-Proof Fence Tools

The tools:

  1. pliers
  2. Tec screw
  3. Hammer
  4. Cordless drill
  5. Scissors or wire cutters


The materials that you need:

  1. Staples
  2. Wire Clips
  3. Tec Screws
  4. Pipe Support
  5. Masonry plugs or screws
  6. Soft tie wire
  7. Netting about 900mm width

In addition, the pipe that supports the net can be created by the steel supplier about 25mm tubing. The best netting will provide it rot resistant, strong and UV Stable. Moreover, the net which is used similar to the tennis net.

The Steps in Installing the Cat-Proof Fence

Here are the steps in making the cat proof fence.

Step 1

Planning the Project

Using the good length for 25mm tubing is a great idea for you. Certainly, the pipes are going to operate vertically up the fence. Of course, before you hook the property, the pipe must be about 0.7 meters long and at least about 350.

For the amount height of the fence, it should be including the net structure at least about 2 meters. The goal is to prevent your cat from jumping and passing over it. Need to know that some cats need 1.8 meters to jump. Make sure that the width and the length are required balancing.

Step 2


After you have finished in setting up the netting. Now, we start to paint the steel and equipment with the paint or metal primer before you continue to affix the pipe support.

 Step 3


Now, we start to fix the support for the fence using the clamps and saddle clips. Then, drill a small hole on the top of each support and also run the tie wire for around these holes. The net can be secured using the wire or staples which attach the wire to the fence. For an alternative, a net can be attached to the top with galvanized speed bracing.