Beautiful And Simple Cat Homes Ideas With Perfect Design

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Having a cat is actually you have a cat homes. It purposes to make your cat comfort. Making the cat homes is easy but many people feel so complicated with it. If you’re planning to make the cat homes simply, please check this article out.

Cat Homes Ideas

Cat Walk Fun Spot

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This is a kind of cat home that set the home like the garden. The home is constructed to give the tunnel and catwalks for the cats so as to ease the cat for doing their activities. The artistic and intricate platform and walkways probably allow the cat to jump and climb easily through the house. Certainly, they can connect to the others rooms such as kitchen, toilets, fan and garage. The cat’s home is designed larger and long space to make the cat so much fun running and going down slide around the house.

Garden Oasis Bedroom

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Credits: Verso Inverso

For this type, the cat home is designed perfectly for a master bedroom. Hopefully, the cat could enter and run through the tunnel over the door. The design can make the cat way up for a couple of floating shelves in cat’s area. You can decorate the bedroom with colorful ornament. Making some catwalks and placing the grass or flower on the top of a bedroom is really a more wonderful spot for a cat.

Garden Oasis Bathroom

Cat homes
credits: Laughing Squid

Many people know that the cat really loves to lay at the water spot. As well as for the cat home, you can decor at the bathroom with green color shade to give more fresh looks. In addition, the birds are going to stay safety from the cat which lives in the house. This cat home decoration with the stairs and the design probably for the cat to not spend much time outside. Make sure that the cat is going to run and continue playing into the others rooms at the house as well.


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This decoration is so simple one to do. The elegant equipment can you use to design for this kind of cat home. The cat corner can be made by the wood or great furniture covering with white or beige color. Make the hole for cat’s sleeping so as the cat can look outside. Do not forget to place the pillow as a cat bed.

Laundry Room

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It is a unique one of cat home where the cat lives in the laundry room. For this idea, you can make a cat home similar to a washing machine. Placing the cat near the machine is a great idea. Making it using the wood that covering with white color is perfectly hue. Do not forget to design the laundry room together with beige walls and ceramic floor, white cabinet, shaker cabinet, and drop-in sink. In this cat home, you can make the hole to ease the cat pass over and over again.

Tiny House

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credits: Tiny House Town

For this cat home idea, making a special cat home that is separate from us, but still united by our house is a super great idea. It is probably the cats to feel comfort at their own home. At your house, you can empty a small room to design it to become a cat homes. Certainly, you can build it up beside the toilet or kitchen that has a separate entrance. Besides the toilet or kitchen, the storehouse to put the baskets, bottles or gardening tools can you design it easily. It is good for a house that has a limited floor space.