Most of all, when you think of a cat, you may think base coat colors and cat fur pattern that usually appear in cats. A cat is well-known as the beautiful feature in fur. No wonder if many people are seeking a cat fur pattern which has the most beautiful one. When you find the cat for a pet, firstly, you will see the fur.  Finding the great fur becomes the great pride for some people.  They normally desire to have the beautiful cat fur pattern.   The Cat Fur Pattern Types   1. Bicolor, Tuxedo, Van Cat Fur Pattern

Couch cover for cats is a furniture protection really needed for those having cats at home. It is actually often sold in a furniture store. You can ask the seller to show the products of couch covers. This works really well for the furniture protections and covers. Let’s reveal the use of couch cover, function, and the best product of cough cover.   What Is the Function of Couch Cover for Cats? Some cats at home sometimes get annoying if your cats try to scratch and claw any furniture items at home. Surely, it leaves some claw prints in the furniture

Frisky Cat Food is a certain cat food brand often met in the supermarkets, pet shop and animal doctor. Friskies include being a premium standard cat food category. It is different from super premium cat foods that are rarely found in the general supermarket. This cat food has its uniqueness making cat lovers select this food for their cats. This is affordable and serves some tasty variants loved by both domestic and race cats. Frisky becomes a high-quality cat food brand. It belongs to popular being a sponsor of cat community activities. The products of Friskies have some products starting from

Generally, a cat is called as the domestic cat or house cat. Most of all, latin cat names have several meanings.  That is Felis Catus latin cat name  which means a carnivorous animal, a small and characteristically furry. They are as house cat because many people keep them at their house. Actually, there is not a thing to differentiate them from Felids (family of cat) or Felines (subfamily of cat). Furthermore, the cat is well-known as fellowship animal that very loyal for human or his owner. In fact, they can be used as a human friend for their ability in a special

Helloo … Ailurophiles! We believe that people who love cat know this term. Yeah.. it refers to the lover of a kitten who is a very crazy lover. They are getting crazy when they have the beautiful cat. Many cat lovers who impose themselves to have a cat that they really love. Starting in finding the great kitten or going to quality breeders to get the most beautiful cat is certainly to do. Maine Coon Kitten Race Nowadays, almost every cat lovers have the each of kitten race such as Angora, Persian, Siamese, American short hair, and much more. Do

Advantix for cats – parasites are common problems if you have a cat. Therefore, it seems that some treatments must be done so that those parasites can be finished. Many medications are actually possible. However, are you sure that they are really good for your pets without giving any side effects? Well, if you are already looking for the way to stop the growth of parasite in your cats, it seems Advantix is one of the best answers. It is recommended even if the parasites and other tiny animals are still there in a very long time. There are some reasons

low carb cat food – having a pet is followed by responsibility. One of them is making sure that they are always in a good condition. It means that you must take care anything as good as possible, including what they need to eat. In term of the cat foods, they are some matters that you should know. Yes, it is much better if the food contains the appropriate amount of nutrition. Carbohydrate, on the other hand, is really good of course as the main source of energy. However, are you sure that the cat will need it more? Surely, it

What is Ulcer treatment for horses? Well, ulcer or we may know as gastric is probably something common for a human. But have you ever imagine that this problem is also suffered by animals, including the horse? Yes, it probably sounds weird. However, there is a research that almost 60% of a horse has an experience related to the gastric problem. Before we talk about the treatment usually done for this disease, it is better to know at first what causes this problem. Just check them out.   The Causes of Gastric Ulcers in Horses       Of course, every

Are you looking for the Hagen Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box? Yes, your cat may need a really comfortable place where it can be carried more easily. It is okay if you can make it yourself like from an unused basket that is given by blanket or something. However, if you need another thing that is looked more sophisticated, you can just try this one. Interestingly, this product has some benefits or excellences compared with another litter box for the cat. So, what are they?   Hagen Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box Here are some things that you need to know

What are the chew toys for cats? There are actually some toys that you can give to your cats so that they can feel happy. Indeed, there are some habits commonly done by the cats including chewing and scratching anything around. Sure, it can simply damage many things like furniture, clothes, and shoes. Therefore, providing toys and other appropriate items are what you should do. It is actually even possible to make the toys yourself that are not only interesting for the cats but they will not damage their teeth and health also. Chew Toys for Cat Here are some important