Colitis is definitely one of the most dangerous diseases that can attack horses. This intestinal issue mostly harms adult horses with about 10 years old age, but foals about 2 years old can also be affected. It is such a very serious horse’s health issue that could be a life-threatening problem. The horse is one of the animals that have a high risk of getting affected by colitis. Its digestive system is complicated and fragile which make it easy to be harmed by certain disease. This harmful disease is defined as the inflammation that affects the lining of the horse’s

Remember the famous words, “no hoof, no horse”? That is the absolute words to describe how vital the horse hoof is. Hoof is one of the most important body parts of a horse. It gives the balance of the horse’s body, supports the horse to move its huge body when it runs, jumps, and protect it from danger. The hoof-holds an important role in determining the life of horses. Now, we are going to learn horse hoof anatomy, to find out each part of it. Generally, there are two anatomy groups of horse hoof, the sensitive parts or having blood vessels

Science Diet Urinary Cat Food has the right formula for maintaining the health of the cats. These foods have benefits which are good for a cat which has a blockage of the urinary tract and urinary tract infections. You can buy cat food with the proper formulation from a veterinarian. The vet will conduct an examination of your cat before giving cat food recommendations are the most appropriate. Tests conducted by a veterinarian can diagnose the disease suffered by the cat.   Main Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection in Cats You can see the sex organ of the cat to inspect

Hearing the name, ringworm, can mislead you into thinking that this is caused by a worm, though, actually, it is caused by a fungus. Ringworm, also known as dermatophytosis, is a contagious disease that can infect the skin, hair, and nail. It even can spread to other animals and humans too. Therefore, it is important for you who have cats to learn how to treat ringworm in cats. Otherwise, it’ll infect other members in the house. The Symptoms of Ringworm Common symptoms of ringworm are circular bald patches that often seen on the head, ears, and the front limbs. Sometimes you can

Your cute and lovely cat is really prone to get certain illnesses. It is very important for you as a cat owner, to know some common cat health issues and problems that often infect your cat. By knowing what kind of diseases are, you will also know what to do to handle such disease when it harms your pet, or even better to prevent the diseases. Here, we have a list of most common cat health issues and problems that hopefully will help you to take care your cats better, because once you adopt them, it depends on you how the

Who can resist the cuteness of Main Coon cat? This big, fluffy and most friendly cat breed has become one of the popular kinds of cat to adopt today.  Maine Coon is the big cat breed that grows up two times bigger than others in the same age, the cat will keep growing up until it reaches 3 years old. Averagely, the male cats weigh 13 to 18 pounds, and females weigh from 9 to 16 pounds. This huge and long cat can live up to 15 years or even more. The hugest one has 48.5 inches long that won

Many horse owners are curious about selenium, one of the most popular horse’s supplements. This nutrient is actually important for your horses, but it should be given in the right portion, or it will end up harming the horse. So what is actually selenium for the horse? What is the importance of it? What is the benefit of selenium for horses?   Selenium for Horses The Definition of Selenium Selenium works as the antioxidant in the horses’ body.  This is an essential trace mineral to guard the body’s cell membranes from free radicals. It works together with vitamin E, creating

Vaccines have become one of the most effective ways to prevent the number of harmful diseases for horses. For more than 75 years, your horses’ lives have been saved by this incredible ‘weapon’. It protects the body of horses by giving the ‘clue’ of bacteria, viruses, particular toxins, or other microorganisms to test the immune system in defending certain disease etiologies agents. When the vaccine is delivered to the horse’s body, it will be recognized as foreign antigens. The body will respond by multiplying the white blood cells rapidly. The B cells introduce the antibodies into the blood stream and neutralize the

OCD stands for osteochondritis dissecans, which simply described as progressively joint diseases. This is quite a dangerous and painful disease that can affect your horse. A survey stated that 5-25% of horses all around the world have the relatively high risk to have OCD, and it can happen to all of the horse breeds, no matter how much the price is. The faster and larger growing horse breed is the riskiest ones. Generally, the disease is the deficiency of endochondral ossification that leads to the disruption of the joint’s cartilage formation. In their words, the horse with OCD will have

Every cat owners must have heard about Tidy Cats, one of the famous cat litter brands. Tidy Cats Lightweight version is another type of cat litters that has weight half than typical clumping litter. You might have read Tidy Cats Lightweight review on other blogs or something. But, it doesn’t matter because we still want to give you another review so that you will understand about the product.   Variety of Tidy Cats Lightweight   As one of the most notorious cat litter brands, Tidy Cats has provided a wide range of cat litter that meets various cat needs from